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lights off ;

you cannot know god from the devil

11/21/07 01:03 pm - secret



12/5/06 11:32 pm - oblique;

just who is


12/3/06 09:18 am - america

she taught me nothing that cannot be


6/5/06 09:20 am - repulse

burning your tongue

before you even


12/12/05 07:37 am - omnipotent

broke the fucking controller. again.

12/9/05 12:38 am - fracture

they say he's nothing but a walking idiom

which no one can speak

12/6/05 11:10 pm - home?

nearly heard the answer in the air, between screams
good ear turned away, impelled from within

within minutes it suspended before me
reached out, at touch it scattered wildly

here, i sit inside each piece, rearrange the letters but it always generates the same meaning

; elusive

12/5/05 01:13 am - facet

you are the pattern i wear,
shamelessly ground into my skin and bones; the elastic of my joints.

but what of the broken stitches?

11/21/05 04:41 am - angling


anger does not make us all poets

it binds

das odiumCollapse )

11/21/05 02:20 am - anti-stasis

does not mean i believe in nothing
i do not believe in anything you do

this unimposed desire for change

tell me, did i sleep through freedom?

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