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lights off ;

you cannot know god from the devil

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i do not distinguish spit from blood
tears from sweat
love from hate

my story ; already told
my life ; already lived
destination : void
orientation : forged

i am no one

「 d e a db o r n 」

!i'm a lie, !it's all a lie, !you're a lie, antithesis, bale, bauhaus, best of me, black, blood dappling, blue, carnivore, cats, clockwork orange, core, covetousness, dark utopia, death, death to system, dislocation, dogs, dysfunction, figurines, fuck quitters, fuckin' your parents, german, injury, inking, inverted, joker, love, murderous honesty, natural born killers, nemisis, nihilism, no band no life, no future, nostalgia, now, outpour, passion fruit, penned pain, piercing, pissing at him, pissing her off, pissing on her, punk, purgatory, raping daughters on graves, rats, raw, russia, stalin, star wars, tattoos, the true test, threshold, to the marrow, until vox dies out, vintage tees